Jessica Fleetwood’s artistic career started in the 90´s in Oxelösund, a east coast town in Sweden.
She is a well established visual artist with an extensive international exhibition record, Jessica Fleetwood has participated in exhibitions in Sweden, New York, Helsingfors, Russia, United Kingdome, and The United Arabemirates to mention a few.

Jessica´s skills include most kinds of metalwork; From sculpting directly in iron, to the casting of bronze and steel, using the complicated ceramicshell technique. Jessica produces amazing shapes and forms with a contemporary feel. She has taught these skills at the Swedish Royal Academy of Visual Arts.

Together with other artists and kraft designers, Jessica cofunded " Not Quite". An association whom with its studios, workshops and exhibitions provides a place for artistic and cultural development. She can often be found in Not Quite´s forge and metal workshop gouging shapes in whatever metal she may find most suitable for the desired expression.

Her artwork is with a strong feministic touch. Women through history is an important issue for her. She studies the unfair conditions for women in the world, then
the drawings are sketshed in charcoal and enlrged, to finally be translated in to forged steel portraits. Very interesting approach to the metal and iron portraits she weld and forge in the studio.

Jessica has this year 2016 succed in a Masterlevel at H.D.K Steneby in Metal, design applied art ( University of Gothenburgh).