2016 Masters Degree in " Metall design Applied art" in Gothenborg 22-23 maj
2016 Göteborg H.D.K Exame exhibitions
2016 Exhibition in Bengtsfors
2016 Gallery Malin och Karin, " -Arn’t your breasts in your way while blacksmithing?"
2015 Rackstad museum. Arvika
2015 Lidköpings konsthall, H.D.K masterstudents
2015 Dalsland museum i Upperud. " material in motion"
2015 Gallery Malin och Karin on Not Quite, blacksmithing breasts
2015 sommarsalongen D.K.F Konshallen i Stenebyskolan
2015 maj Konshallen i Mellerud
2015 Steneby exhibit 22-23 may
2015 Art gallery in Mellerud. 9-30 May
2015 Arthall in Bengtsfors HDK Steneby school
2014 Arthall in Bentsfors, H.D.K
2014 H.D.K University of Gothenborg
2014 Art exhibition not quite 2014
2013 Gothenburg Art Biennal
2013 “Not Quite why” Jubileums utställningen. Fengersgors. 2013
2013 “Summer salon” Dalslands konstförening, jurybedömd
2012 London The gallery in Cork StreetSwedish Contemporary art exhibition
2011 Not Quite Gallery
2009 Åmål Art Galler
2008 Ellen Key Institute
2007 Bachelor in fine arts at H.D.K
2004 Helsinki “Cable factory”
2004 United Arab Emirate
2003 Stockholm Art Fair
2001 New York Manhattan " French Institute" Manhattan
2001 Russia
2000 The townsymbol "STÅLTHET,Pride) 14meter high sculpture in public space
1995 France " School of the arts." Lacoste Gallery"

KRO Swedish Artists Association
Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden (BUS)

The monument " PRIDE, STÅLTHET" symbol of the town Oxelösund. Education
Bachelor in Academy of visual Arts in Iron and steel public spaces. at H.D.K Steneby,
University of Gothenburg 2007.