I am giving workshops in blacksmithing/ ceramics/ sculpting.
Please contact me on the adress fleetwood@notquite.se and tell me what you are interested in and how many applicants you are. I am seated in Dalsland in Fengersfors.
I can teach from 1 up til 8 (10) persons depending on what we are going to do.
Please give call at 073-99 77 779 and we will make up time and place and costs for the workshop to come.

I have workshops for:

*familys to come to gather in a new context. *for buisness events. *for new married couple and birthday presents. *for girls and women groups. *for children over 6 years old *for teachers and preschoolteachers to educate in crafts and arts. *for big companies and small companies to help them to theme build. *for institutions of any kind *for men and anyone who have desire to try out.

Please feel Welcome!